Pamida Foundation promotes Healing Garden

Pamida Foundation promotes Healing Garden
The Pamida Foundation recently presented a donation of $500 to the Dakota Hospital Foundation to help with funding for the Healing Garden project.

Sanford Vermillion Medical Center will be the first facility in a five-state region to fully integrate reminiscence with therapeutic activities for the residents, patients, visitors and staff. The garden will provide a space for quiet healing and meditation in addition to space where a patient can re-learn functions of the past through physical and occupational therapy. The healing garden will be situated in a well-designed, secure area between the hospital, clinic and nursing home.

Access to this natural and quiet space will be available to patients, residents, visitors, and staff. This donation will help the Dakota Hospital Foundation reach their funding goal for the project.

"The Dakota Hospital Foundation board of directors greatly appreciates the generous contribution from the Pamida Foundation. The realization of the Healing Garden project relies on support from many individuals, businesses and organizations. Because of the outstanding support we have received from the Vermillion community, we are look forward to a ribbon-cutting ceremony this fall," said Gene Lunn, Dakota Hospital Foundation director.

The Pamida Foundation provides local communities with charitable contributions. Over the past five years, the Foundation has donated over $3 million to Pamida communities.

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