Sen. Thune seeks interns

Sen. Thune seeks interns
U.S. Sen. John Thune is currently seeking intelligent, hard-working college students to serve in his Washington, DC; Aberdeen, Rapid City, and Sioux Falls offices as interns during the Fall 2007 semester.

Sen. Thune's internship program allows students to work in the office they are interested in, and provides them with the opportunity to learn how a Senate office operates. Interns in the state office will participate in state outreach activities, as well as assisting the state staff, while students in the Washington, DC office will have the opportunity to witness the legislative process, give Capitol tours, and attend Senate votes and hearings. Both in-state and Washington, DC internships will allow students to work closely with constituents, hone their research and writing skills, and learn a multitude of office skills.

"Interning in a Senate office is a wonderful way to learn how the political process works and is a great way for students who are interested in government to serve their state while gaining valuable experience for the future," stated Thune.� Sen. Thune is a member of the Senate Committees on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry; Armed Services; Commerce, Science and Transportation; and Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

� College students who are interested in interning for Sen. Thune should submit a resume and cover letter by July 6, to Sen. John Thune, Attn: Kashia Axthelm, Intern Coordinator, 493 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510; by fax to 202-228-5429; or by e-mail to

For more information, please call 202-224-2321.

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