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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Calendar of Events

Tuesday, July 10

8 a.m. � Senior Men Registration; 9 a.m. � Shotgun start;

11 a.m. � (approximate) Lunch; 6 p.m. � 3-Man Scramble league shotgun start.

Wednesday July 11th

Ladies Day: 8:00 a.m. � Ladies' morning golf, luncheon, and dominoes; 8:30 a.m. � Tee off; Noon � Luncheon/ games; 12:30 p.m. � Dominoes; 5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League

Thursday through Sunday, July 12 through 15

Dakota's Tour Tournament

Course closed.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (W.E.L.L.) Standings

June 27, 2007

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. F.O.R.E. 31 35 88.57%

2. Two Putts 31 35 88.57%

3. Wedgies 26.5 35 75.71%

4. Bertha's Babes 27.5 40 68.75%

5. Lucky Shots 25 40 62.50%

6. Drive U Crazy 24 40 60.00%

7. Iron Maidens 24 40 60.00%

8. Birdie Bound 23 40 57.50%

9. Mollies Follies 21 40 52.50%

10. Lopez Sisters 14 35 40.00%

11. The Hookers 11.5 35 32.86%

12. Bluff Babes 12.5 40 31.25%

13. Par-Tee Grils 10.5 35 30.00%

14. Chixs with Sticks 11 40 27.50%

15. Whatever 9.5 35 27.14%

16. Sand Yappers 7 40 17.50%

17. Rough Riders 6 35 17.14%

Men�s League

weekly report

The eighth week of league play was contested on June 28 with 3 and 6 p.m. shotgun starts using all tee boxes on the back nine.

There can be no explanation for the high scores, since the weather was perfect and the course in pristine condition.

The results of the eighth week in the American divisions had the best score of 19.5 for PIK; Multiple Putts had 16, keeping them in first place in the standings; Summit recorded a 15.5 score.

Lowest individual score was a tie � Don Harris and Bob Boone with 38s. Gary Larson had a 39, and Clark Lewison � 40.

Fourteen birdies were reported for the day. Don Scheidel, Harris, and Boone each

had two.

The National division�s best team score was 16.5, shared by Barry�s Plumbing and Bluffs Boys. Bogey + scored 15.

Lowest individual score was earned by Gary Prosser, who had 39. Tim Christopherson and Scott Hanson each had a 40.

Only three birdies were recorded.


Multiple Putts 117

PIK 107.5

First Dakota 105.5

D&H Enterprises 94.5

First Bank & Trust 94.5

Summit 91.5

The Persian Merles 90

Midwest Homes 79

Missing Links 79

WeNeedStrokes 65.5


Bluffs Boys 115

Barry�s Plumbing 113

LBA 111

Char Bar 96

Varsity 94

Divots 82.5

Alcoa Cleaning 78

Bogey + 77.5

Eagles 75

BW Insurance 57.5

A calm, cool

evening for W.E.L.L.

Wednesday, June 27 was a perfect night to be out on the course. The temperature was in the low 80s and there was enough breeze to minimize bug landings, but not enough to have a great effect on the trajectory of the ball.

This night the women of the W.E.L.L. played the front 9. The course seemed happy with our being there, as it yielded a number of good scores and birdies.

Jenny Chandler certainly enjoyed her round. On her way to shooting the low net score of 36, Jenny carded three birdies. She birdied #1, #2 and #6. In fact, on both par 5 holes (#2 and #6) she was on the green in two and just missed an eagle on one of them.

A number of golfers shot better than their handicap, as well. Really coming in with a strong round was Tammy Baisden with the ultimate low net score of 29 (50-21). Hot on her heels was Nikki Stammer with a 30 (43-13). Judy Hanson (48-16) and Julia Chaney (51-19) were also chasing the low net with their 32s.

In addition to Jenny�s three birdies, five other golfers had a birdie apiece. Robin Miskimins birdied #2. Lynn Myron birdied #5. Karrie Plate birdied #6, while Kathy Merrigan-Manning and Melanie Mahowald each birdied #8.

Our host team for the evening was the Lucky Shots. Team members are Kathy Chandler, Barb Weyrich and Lynette Wulff. The host team gave the golfers three pin prize opportunities. Taking advantage were Melanie Mahowald, Cheryl Seney and Jenny Chandler.

Melanie came closest to the stake on #1 for her prize. Cheryl had the shortest drive on #3 and Jenny came closest to the pin on #5. Operating as a team inside the clubhouse, Tammy Baisden and Cheryl Seney jointly won the Quackson.

The award for the most creative use of natural obstacles to improve a golf shot goes, this evening, to Pat Durkin. On hole #7 Pat sent a shot from the left side of the fairway towards the tall, bushy, tree-filled growth on the right side near the green. The ball hit one of the small, bushy, flexible willow that are only about three feet in height and no more than an inch in diameter.

The willow caught her ball and deposited it back onto the grass out of the hazard, allowing Pat to hit her next shot with no penalty (except for having a few leaves in her face). All watching agreed that it was quite an unexpected result of such a stroke.

Seniors make

the long putts

On June 26, 31 seniors were greeted by pleasant weather and dropped many a long putt either for birdie or par. In the two-man division, the team of Turk Pilker and Bob Lund was victorious.

The low-scoring team in the three-man division was Ken Beringer, Cleland Cook and Mo Marcotte with a 34. Second place at 36 were Van Pierce, Ross King and Dick Burbach.

Taking third with the better 37 were Vern Holter, Harlan Schott and Dick Kellogg. At fourth with the other 37 were Alan Clem, Lloyd Helseth and Gene Iverson.

The last team to quality for a winning ball and capturing fifth place with a 38 was that of Bob Soloman, Maurice Erickson and Guy Button.

Lots of nice putts were made during this session. Those who made long birdie putts on certain holes were Ross King, a 40-footer on #6; Lloyd Helseth, a 23-footer on #5; Cleland Cook, a 22-footer on #8; Alan Clem, a 21-footer on #3; and finally Dick Burbach, a 10-footer on #3.

There were five lengthy par putts made by the seniors. Those of note were Berwyn Svoboda at 48 feet, Don Baer at 45 feet, Guy Button at 30 feet, Vern Holter at 25 feet and Ross King at 14 feet.

On this date the seniors drove their carts in designated areas to avoid doing damage to the drying portions of some roughs.

You are welcome to join the fun golfers every Tuesday at 9 a.m. We play a scramble-type format where a three-man team records one score for the team.

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