USD Elder Law Forum assists with Pension Benefits Rights

USD Elder Law Forum assists with Pension Benefits Rights

Through The University of South Dakota School of Law and its affiliation with the Upper Midwest Pension Rights Project, South Dakota residents and businesses now have access to pro bono pension counseling and claims assistance.

The USD School of Law's Elder Law Forum program, which includes the nation's only law school-based senior legal helpline, provides pension education, counseling, claims assistance and referral to residents and businesses in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. The Elder Law Forum can assist with pension claims and appeals, pension benefit denials, surviving spouse benefits, benefit miscalculations, pension plan freezes or conversions, and 401(k), ESOP and other defined contribution plan-related issues. Assistance is also available for church plans. The Upper Midwest Pensions Rights Project is supported by the Minnesota Senior Federation and offers referrals to private employee-benefit attorneys when necessary.

"This is a no-cost program designed to assist workers, retirees and their beneficiaries in understanding and enforcing their pension benefit rights," stated Michael J. Myers, J.D., associate professor of law at USD. Myers manages the USD Senior Legal Helpline, which provides pro bono legal information, advice and limited assistance to persons 55 years of age and older. Call the helpline at 1-800-747-1895 or contact Myers by e-mail at







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