Wiseman family reunion is July 29

Wiseman family reunion is July 29
The Wiseman family is well-known throughout northeast Cedar County for having suffered an Indian massacre. On July 23, 1863, five Wiseman children, home alone, were killed by a band of Indians. Wiseman himself was off fighting Indians in the Civil War in South Dakota and his wife had traveled to Yankton to buy supplies for the family.

A monument has been placed at the site of the incident and can be viewed on the way to Brooky Bottom.

A book has been published by a wife of a direct descendent, Louise Guy, which has tried to corral all the family folklore passed down from generation to generation. The descendants would be willing to sign any copies of the book while in St. James on Sunday.

Two children were born after the massacre. Daughter Pearl was married into the Guy family, which has several living descendants in the area. The other child was a boy who was crippled. Mrs. Wiseman was carrying him at the time of the massacre and it was believed the stress from the event caused his health problems. He never married and died at a young age.

Louise Guy is also a member of the founding five women who operate the St. James Marketplace today. They rescued the Catholic elementary school building from its demise when they purchased it from the Omaha Archdiocese and created a marketplace and meeting center for area residents.

Join the St. James five on the last Sunday in July as they welcome the Wiseman family to the marketplace for a meet the descendants gathering.

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