Introduction of Tanager golf team

Introduction of Tanager golf team

PGA golf pro Kirk Hogen has been coaching the Tanager golf teams for nearly 30 years. During that time, he has developed many outstanding golfers, girls and boys, and teams. The 2007-08 version of the Tanager golf team continues the tradition.

Vermillion's varsity includes four seniors: Alex Schaack, Broc Gauer, Jordan Boots, and Mikal Ustad, and a sophomore, Aaron Steele. Eric Ustad and Cole Andre, both 10th graders, are also vying for the top five in varsity.

The JV team is comprised of Cole Andre and Eric Ustad, plus any one from the underclass group including Patrick Haught, Owen Korkuska and Mitchell Nelson. Other JV members are Zach Mc-Donald, Jaron Sorensen, Tyler Osborne, Christian Janos, Owen Korkuska, Dominick Jones, and Greg Styles.







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