My personal feelings

To the editor:

"We just wish he and other petition circulators would state what they would have the county commission do if efforts to kill the tax are successful."

I would have signed the petition. These are my personal feelings about the wheel tax:

1. I own 10 registered vehicles which are driven only one at a time. I am retired; the total mileage driven would be average. If you are an average driver with one vehicle I would pay 10 times the tax than you. Sixty percent of my vehicles are in storage.

2. There will be no wheel tax on farm equipment. Why not? They are the benefactors of the alcohol plant.

3. Farm equipment travel our roads. Why don't they pay fuel road taxes?

4. Farmers have heavy loaded trucks which do severe road damage. They pay no commercial tax through the license fees.

5. This tax is needed to rebuild roads for a large commercial venture. Rumors are they will pay very little tax.

When the plant is up and running the profits will go to the investors, leaving us with that wheel tax. The petitioners don't need to tell what or why. We have our personal reasons. If you don't tax the farming community, you don't have the right to tax the non-farming community.

Kenneth Orr


The Gorilla

To the editor:

The first thing that comes to my mind is concern for my health and that of my family, then my home, and our beautiful land. This refinery will be bad for those with breathing and other health problems and might cause cancer to some.

I try to always use my best judgement when I do business, but to me this has been the dumbest business I have been involved in. In my years I have dealt with many lawyers, bankers, and others, and this has made no sense to me.

For those that have optioned their land and put this burden on their neighbors and friends, I wonder if they have any thought about what they have put upon us.

This will affect people as far as 50 miles away. This pollution will contaminate the air we breath, our land which in time will not produce good crops, and it will eventually find its way to our drinking water. They always have oil spills and big leaks, which will poison the land forever. They smell and noise and light pollution will be 24/7/365.

During construction – with 10,000 workers for three to four years – what will happen to our county roads, and how will the farmers get on the roads with their equipment to farm the land?

For those that think it is so bad here, why don't they move where it is better and leave our Union County as our parents and grandparents made it, so we can have it our way?

I predict all our taxes will go up, as who pays for roads and all the maintenance? If this got started and failed or closed, which some have, it could never be cleaned up.

I hope some will change their minds; we need all the support we can get!

Burdette Hanson

Elk Point

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