The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Wednesday morning ladies attendance is up

On Aug. 22 there were 26 ladies attending the luncheon.

The desserts (as usual) were great also. Today Karon Benson and Barb Larsen prepared our goodies. I, like a lot of the ladies, ate one of each. Our guest today was Lois Seibel.

The big drawing was won by Char Brunick. Remember, ladies – you have to be present to win!

The quarters winners were Karine Amundsen, June Wagner, Lynn Hatle, Mary Lea Hennies, Darlene Engbrecht, and Marlys Jensen.

Gold was rained out today. If you need rain, it will probably happen when we are to go out golfing!

We had one table of Bridge – Lois Seibel had the high.

There was one table of Pitch; split the games.

Two tables of dominoes with Barb Larson and Barb Boone having the lows.

Also, we had one table of Quiddler.

Be sure to come, ladies … our last luncheon and games will be Sept. 26. But we will resume again next summer. Catch you all there and with more new members and guests.

Seniors play on wet grass

On Aug. 21, wet conditions limited the better scores. The best of two 38s went to the team of Max Anderson, Don Baer and Ray Mount. The other 38 was carded by Bob Solomon, Maurice Erickson and Dave Zimmerman.

At third with a lone 39 were Turk Pilker, Jim Grabowski and Lloyd Helseth. The next two teams had 40s and they were Ross King, Bob Lund and Ray Lynn; followed by Milo Gilbertson, Elmer Mount and Guy Button.

Only two outstanding putting results were turned in this week. One was a 27-foot birdie on #10 by Bob Solomon and the other was a 28-foot par on #18 by Dick Gregory. This week the fun league had 30 players involved in the competition.

The Bluffs Club tournament results

On Sunday, Aug. 26, The Bluffs held its annual Club Member tournament. Here are the following results:

Championship flight

(27 holes)

1st – Dave Chickering (113)

2nd – Rick Haught (118)

3rd – Greg Baedke (120)

First flight (18 holes)

1st – Roger Heirigs (77)

2nd – Tim Christopherson (81)

3rd – Bob Boone (83)

Second flight

1st – Craig Jones (84)

2nd – Mike Kruse (87)

3rd – Harland Durkin (87)

Third flight

1st – Kurt Kuiper (102)

2nd – Guy Button (115)

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