The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
W.E.L.L. gets the round in before rain

Wednesday, July 18, Vermillion finally got some much-needed rain. Fortunately for the Wednesday Evening Ladies League, it held off until we had finished our round of golf. And what a round it was.

Leading the pack with a blazing round of 3 under par was Karrie Plate. Karrie gave little away during the round. Her score was achieved with the help of two birdies, on holes 5 and 8. Karrie also had her first eagle on a league night, carding a 3 on hole #2. ` Also shooting the lights out on the course was Audrey Ticknor. Fortunately for Audrey, the scorekeeper on her team (that would be Darlis) didn't let Audrey know how well she was playing, as that apparently ruins Audrey's game. Audrey came away with a gross score of 43, which, after subtraction of her handicap, gave her the (very) low net for the evening of 29.

Making a bold attempt to also garner low net honors was Lois Hazen, who came close with a net score of 30 (46-16). Lois helped her score along with a birdie on #7. The only other birdie of the evening was scored by Lisa Sorensen on #2.

The host team for the evening was the Sand Yappers. Their members are Tammy Baisden, Barb Ballensky, Cheryl Seney and Lisa Wood. Hosting this evening were Tammy and Cheryl. They had out a pin prize for coming closest to the red stake on #6, won by Nancy Christopherson, and one for the most shots out of the sand on #9, won by Sally Wheelock.

An indication of the stellar play this evening was that Sally's name was the only one on the pin prize and she only had one shot from the sand. The third clubhouse gift certificate was given to the best poker hand on the scorecard. This also went to Sally Wheelock, who had five sevens. Lastly, the money was given away in the Quackson drawing to Nancy Scheidel.

A flight of birdies for W.E.L.L.

Wednesday, July 25, was a warm and somewhat sticky night to play golf. Indeed, playing the back 9, as was done this evening, often gives the golfers more trouble than the front. You wouldn't have been able to tell by the scores.

Having a good night all around and having a hat trick (W.E.L.L. equivalent) was Kathy Merrigan-Manning. Kathy shot the low gross score of the evening with a 39. The low net was had by Judy Hanson with a 30 (47-17). Several golfers shot a below-their-handicap net. This included Kathy Merrigan-Manning with a 31 (39-8), Ann Jensen (47-15) and Nicky Erickson (44-12) with 32s, and Julie Lewison with a 34 (57-23).

Helping the night along was a brace of birdies ��seven in all. Three golfers birdied #12: Mona Bye, Judy Hanson and Nace Huska. This led to some issues with a pin prize, which we'll get to. Two golfers birdied #14: Kathy Merrigan-Manning and Lisa Sorensen. And Jenny Chandler birdied two holes: #17 and #18.

Our host team, the Rough Riders, whose members are Marlys Boschee, Pat Flanigan, Mary Mock and Leigh Washburn, put out three pin prizes to vie for. The first was for coming closest to the red stake on hole #10 with any shot. This was won by Jenny Chandler. As you likely surmised, the shot she did this with was her drive. The second pin prize was for the closest second shot on #12. As mentioned above, three women had birdies on #12, so their second shots were all in the cup. The prize was awarded to Nace Huska for being the last one on the card. The last pin prize went for the longest putt on #16. This was won by Kathy Merrigan-Manning. The Quackson went to Rhoda Grant.

Wednesday Morning Ladies enjoy friendship

We had 16 ladies at our luncheon. Even though we had a smaller group, there was still great friendship and fun.

Desserts were provided by Ann Stewart and Rula Hatch. They had a great selection – something for everyone.

We had no guests or new members this week. Hope to see some new faces next week.

The big drawing was won by Ann Stewart and the quarters were won by Vaneta Youngworth, Ann Stewart (such a lucky lady this week!), Lorraine Brunick, Edith Nelson and Pat Steckelberg.

Golf was rained out this week, but we shall see you all next week.

Bridge: Dorothy Reed.

Pitch: Agnes Mockler, Sally Gilbertson.

Dominoes: According to the rules (highs and lows) for the day, Rula Hatch won two rounds and Vaneta Youngworth won the other one and the final tally. Rula was the happy camper while Vaneta was still glowing over her three-week lucky drawings.

Card golf: A new game started today with Pat Pratt and Janet Hoff each winning a game.

Seniors enjoy pleasant weather

On August 7 the best score of 37 went to the team of Jim Stewart, Jack Doyle and Joe Erickson, the son of Maurice Erickson. The next three teams all had 38s. At second were "Short" Hanson, Dick Kellogg and Van Pierce; the Bob solomon, Jim Grabowski and Cliff Deverall; finally Harlan Schott, Jim Reed and Louie Fostvedt.

In two-man competition the winning teams were Max Anderson and Bob Lund, plus Mo Marcotte and Dave Zimmer.

Only one 18-foot birdie putt at #12 was recorded by Guy Button, who is known as the master putter of the senior guys.

Calendar of Events

Tuesday, August 21:

8 a.m. – Senior Men Registration

9 a.m. – Shotgun start

11 a.m. – (Approximate) Lunch

6 p.m. – 3-Man Scramble League shotgun start

Wednesday, Aug. 22:

Ladies Day

8 a.m. – Ladies' Morning golf, luncheon and dominoes

8:30 a.m. – Tee off

Noon – Luncheon/games

12:30 p.m. – Dominoes

5 p.m. – Wednesday Evening Ladies' League

Thursday, Aug. 23:

Men's Day

Regular Men's League competition

2:30 p.m. – Registration, please be prompt

3 p.m. – Shotgun start, first session

6 p.m. – Shotgun start, second session

Friday, Aug. 24:

Lady's four-person Tournament

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