VHS tennis plays at Mitchell Triangular

VHS tennis plays at Mitchell Triangular
In the Mitchell Trian-gular involving Rapid City Central, and Vermillion, the Tanager girls played both matches at the Mitch-ell Sports Complex on Tuesday, Aug. 31.

Results of the Vermillion-RC Central match:

Central (9),

Vermillion (0):

Singles – Hallie Sims (C) def Liz Day 10-1; Emily Raceynski (C) def Amanda Graanas 10-3; Abby Salkowski (C) def Valerie Robinson 10-5; Lorena Riechert (C) def Kayla Munger 10-4; Rochelle Flynn (C) def Sarah Axtell 10-6; and Ginny Price (C) def Dylan Daniels 10-2.

Doubles – Sims/Raczyn-ski def Day/Graanas 10-1; Salkoski/Riechert def Robinson/Munger 10-3; and Flynn/Price def Axtell/ Daniels 10-3.

Results of the Vermillion-Mitchell match:

Mitchell (9),

Vermillion (0):

Singles – Angie Lorenzen (M) def Liz Day 11-10 (7-5); Angela Yaue (M) def Amanda Graanas 10-3; Kerry Shan-non (M) def Valerie Robinson 11-10 (10-8); Rendra Cers-osimo (M) def Kayla Munger 10-3; Megan Solberg (M) def Sarah Axtell 10-2; Marissa Tubbs (M) def Dylan Daniels 10-3.

Doubles – Lorenzen/ Yahue def Day/Graanas 10-4; Shannon/Cersosimo def Rob-inson/Munger 10-8; Solberg/Whitney Pahl def Axtell/Daniels 10-5.

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