Water system’s board changes name and logo

Water system's board changes name and logo
The board of directors of the Lewis & Clark water project has decided that a name change is in order.

Instead of being known as a "rural" project, the project's planners has decided that "regional" is a more fitting description of the venture.

The activity, which will eventually bring Missouri River water by pipeline to nearly two dozen local communities and rural water districts, is now known as the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System.

This change more accurately reflects Lewis & Clark's scope and purpose as a wholesale provider of water to 20 member cities and rural water systems in the tri-state region.

Using a "regionalization approach," Lewis & Clark has always been unique within the rural water industry. The name change embraces that unique quality and differentiates the project from traditional rural water systems that serve individual homes and businesses.

"Nothing about the project's mission has changed," said Board Chairman Red Arndt, Luverne, MN. "Lewis & Clark will still have a profound impact on the rural areas of the region.

"The change was made now because contracts for the water treatment plant, water tower and reservoir will soon be awarded," he said, "which will prominently display the name."

As part of the change, Lewis & Clark also adopted a new logo. The graphic of the explorers used previously is copyrighted by the National Park Service. Although there were no objections from the agency, the board chose an original drawing depicting the explorers on top of Spirit Mound near Vermillion.

When completed, the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System will provide treated water through its members to over 300,000 people in an area the size of Connecticut in southeast South Dakota, northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota..

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