Wheel tax fails in Tuesday vote

Wheel tax fails in Tuesday vote
By a 441-284 margin, Clay County voters rejected a county wheel tax in Tuesday's referendum.

The wheel tax, if passed, would have gone into effect Sept. 1. The tax would have raised an estimated $200,000 annually for highway and bridge maintenance and construction.

On June 14, the Clay County Commission adopted an ordinance by majority vote to impose a wheel tax ordinance on all motor vehicles registered in the county as allowed by law. The wheel tax was referred to the ballot.

In Tuesday's election, the wheel tax was rejected in all five precincts. The results were 34-21 in Rural Ward I, 64-19 in Rural Ward II, 103-48 in Rural Ward III, 135-106 in the Central/ Northeast/Northwest Ward of Vermillion and 105-90 in the Southeast Ward of Vermillion.

The election drew 725 of 8,194 registered voters for 8.8 percent turnout. Around the county, the turnout was 55 of 548 voters (10 percent) in Ward I, 83 of 600 voters (14 percent) in Ward II, 151 of 1,172 voters (13 percent) in Ward III.

In Vermillion, the turnout was 241 of 3,912 voters (6 percent) in the Central/ Northeast/Northwest Ward and 195 of 1,962 voters (10 percent) in the Southeast Ward.

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