2007 Clay County Fair Livestock Show results

2007 Clay County Fair Livestock Show results
4-H Swine Show sponsored by the Bank of the West and First Premier Bank<</B>P> Grand Champion Market Swine – Allison Heine; Reserve Champion Market Swine – Andrew Heine; Grand Champion Breeding Gilt – Sara Nothdurft; Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt – Stacy Nothdurft; Rate of Gain Champion – Chad Peterson; Showmanship: Senior Grand – Andy Jensen Senior Reserve – Patrick Morrison; Junior Grand – Allison Heine; Junior Reserve – Chelsey Cahoon; Beginner Grand – Andrew Heine; Beginner Reserve – Taylor Lyso.

4-H Cat Show sponsored by anonymous donor

Grand Champion Healthy Cat – Taylor Geup; Reserve Champion Healthy Cat – Amy Girard; Grand Champion Healthy Kitten – Carrie Kickland; Reserve Champion Healthy Kitten – Amy Girard; Showmanship: Senior Grand – Taylor Geu; Senior Reserve – Amy Girard; Beginner Grand – Carrie Kickland; Beginner Reserve – Audry Miiller.

4-H Regional Goat Show

Grand Champion Dairy Goat – Cody Geuther; Reserve Champion Dairy Goat – Alicia Geuther; Showmanship; Grand Champion Junior – Cody Geuther; Grand Champion Beginner �Alicia Geuther.

4-H Horse Show sponsored by Hubbs Agency

Showmanship: Senior Grand – Brittany Rederick

Senior Reserve – Katie Sokolowski; Junior Grand – Courtney Nussbaum; Junior Reserve – Samantha Smith; Beginner Grand – Lauren Sokolowski.

4-H Rabbit Show sponsored by Flags Unlimited

Grand Champion 4-H Rabbit – Andy Jensen; Reserve Champion 4-H Rabbit – Pearl Gaidelis; Showmanship: Senior Grand – Amy Girard; Junior Grand – Pearl Gaidelis.

4-H Dog Show sponsored by Margaret Williams

Novice Showmanship: Senior Grand – Natasha Mairose; Junior Grand – Morgan Hower; Junior Reserve – Alexis Reich; Open Showmanship: Grand – Samantha Smith; Reserve – Brittany Rederick; High in Trial Obedience – Samantha Smith; Reserve in Trial Obedience – Alexis Reich.

4-H Sheep Show sponsored by Plains Ag and Sydell

Grand Champion Market Sheep – Allison Heine; Reserve Champion Market Sheep – Luke Heine; Grand Champion Breeding Ewe – Tanner Clark; Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe – Andy Jensen; Rate of Gain Champion – Andy Jensen; Showmanship; Senior Grand – Luke Heine; Senior Reserve – Gerrit Heine; Junior Grand – Seth Heine; Junior Reserve – Allison Heine; Beginner Grand – Andrew Heine; Beginner Reserve – Tanner Clark.

4-H Poultry Show sponsored by First Dakota National Bank

Grand Champion Poultry – Patrick Morrison; Reserve Champion Poultry – Brian Steffen; Grand Champion Waterfowl/Game – Audry Miiller; Reserve Champion Waterfowl/Game – Patrick Morrison; Grand Champion Standard – Brian Steffen; Reserve Champion Standard – Chad Peterson; Grand Champion Bantam – Patrick Morrison; Reserve Champion Bantam – Patrick Morrison; Showmanship: Senior Grand – Patrick Morrison; Beginner Grand – Taylor Lyso.

4-H Beef Show sponsored by Herren Schempp

Grand Champion Market Beef – Sam Hansen; Reserve Champion Market Beef – Dean Christensen; Grand Champion Breeding Heifer – Kayla Geuther; Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer – Breanna Swee; Grand Champion Market Heifer – Taylor Christensen; Reserve Champion Market Heifer – Nick O'Connell; Grand Champion Market Steer – Sam Hansen

Reserve Champion Market Steer – Dean Christensen; Rate of Gain Champion – Samantha Smith; Showmanship: Senior Grand – Harrison Hawley; Senior Reserve – Sam Hansen; Junior Grand – Taylor Christensen; Junior Reserve – Samantha Smithl; Beginner Grand – Taylor Lyso; Beginner Reserve – Nick O'Connell.

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