Cash for students

Cash for students
The Hy-Vee store in Vermillion has announced that its Cash for Students program is currently underway to provide funds for local schools.

"This program is an opportunity for schools to get extra money," said Ron Avery, store manager. "The schools can use that extra money to buy playground equipment, uniforms, books, or whatever else may be needed."

One of the more positive aspects of this fundraising method, he said, is the ease involved.

"This is very simple, and not something that people who want to help schools will have to put a lot of effort to," Avery said.

For every $200 of products purchased at the Vermillion Hy-Vee store, $1 will be donated to local schools.

Students and parents may drop yellow receipts from their purchases at the Vermillion Hy-Vee store in those drop boxes at the participating schools: Vermillion High School, Vermillion Middle School, Jolley Elementary School, Austin Elementary School and St. Agnes Catholic School.

Trinity Lutheran Pre-School in Vermillion also has been designated a recipient of the Cash for Students program, as has the elementary and high schools in both Newcastle, NE, and the Gayville-Volin School District.

Vicki Dehner, Cash for Students coordinator, said the program began Sept. 3 and will end in mid-May of next year,.

The money to be awarded to each school will be tallied at that time.

"We will have a banquet sometime toward the end of May, and present the schools with their checks," she said. The two schools to raise the most funds will each receive $500 extra from Hy-Vee.

"This is just a real good program," Avery said. "It's a good opportunity for the public to help their schools."

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