They deserve thanks

To the editor:

The construction of the new municipal center will soon be underway – an event that was started in March 2004. By my calculations it has taken us 42 months and literally dozens of meetings and hundreds of man-hours to get to this point.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of two committees that worked on this project and there are so many people that need to be recognized and thanked for their participation in this project, and I want to try and do that, and I apologize if I forget anyone.

1. We need to thank former Mayor Roger Kozak and the city council at that time who appointed the original committee in 2004 and got this process started.

2. We need to thank our current Mayor Dan Christopherson, who has guided this process with very insightful leadership and sense of purpose. I believe we made significant progress with this project once Dan and others designated this as a Legacy Project for the 2009 Sesquicentennial.

3. We must thank the members of the original City Hall Citizens Committee that started in March 2004 that included Rich Braunstein, Nikki Peters, Howard Willson. Jill LaCates, Ted Muenster, Neal Melby, Lloyd Rowland, Dennis Zimmerman, Larry Brady, Jim Green, Mike Carlson and John Prescott.

It was quite a group representing virtually all facets of our community.

4. We need to thank the members of the council's City Hall Committee that started meeting in the fall of 2005. The members included city council member Mary Edelen, city council member Roger Jeck, Mayor Dan Christopherson; and from the previous citizens' committee: Nikki Peters, Howard Willson, John Prescott and Andy Colvin.

The discussions within both committees were always directed towards getting the best possible building for our community. We didn't always agree, but we did manage to make many, many decisions.

5. We must thank the architectural firm of Cannon Moss Brygger of Sioux City and its exceptionally professional employees: Owen Mamura (principle architect), Brent Koch and Kathy Erion.

We could not have done this project without their very reliable recommendations and expert advice.

6. We need to thank City Manager John Prescott and Assistant City Manager Andy Colvin. Both were always ready to provide whatever support and information the committees needed and in a very professional manner.

7. We must thank our dedicated city employees who provided many, many ideas and suggestions to make this an even more functional and efficient building.

8. We need to thank the members of the Vermillion City Council who have been so supportive all along the way: Mayor Christopherson, Mary Edelen, Roger Jeck, Jack Powell, Kevin Annis, Kent Osborne, Nate Adams, Ray Hofman and Jere Chapman.

9. And finally and most importantly, we must thank the citizens of Vermillion who provided very important and valuable participation through the many public forums and personal contacts. You were heard and this new building is a direct result of your suggestions, ideas, and comments.

On behalf of the community and the two committees I mentioned, I want to express my sincere appreciation for all the hours of work and study that went into this project from all of these individuals.

This truly is a building for and by the people of our community. They all deserve our thanks and gratitude.


Bob Fuller

City Hall Citizen's Committee Council

City Hall Committee


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