A good feeling

To the editor:

The story (in last week's Plain Talk) in regard to Karen Hall's attitude about the refinery leaves a lot to be learned. I am sure there will be plenty of places for the construction people to live.

Most of the ones that I know have mobile homes that they move around with them. They will be centrally located between two big cities and several smaller towns. Yes!

Every resource supported by the community will feel the impact – and it will be a good feeling for the retailers, to the eye doctors, dentists, medical doctors and the list goes on. With all the people there getting good health benefits, it will be great for the business people. The county or state won't have to pay for the medical services!

As far as the Vermillion area filled with empty houses when the 10,000 construction people leave – have your driven around Vermillion lately and seen all the for rent signs and the for sale signs?

Increase in crime – so an increase in officers (more jobs there) there has been more problems this school year than ever with the underage drinking from students and the officers need more people to help them.

Sounds like when Ms. Hall graduated from college she had the educated idea that she could change her employer's attitude. People have no choice than to respond to incentives. Evidently, Ms. Hall has never worked in any kind of factory/plant on the assembly line. Making incentives are #1 – or you don't have a job.

You get paid extra for going over your incentives. If I would have told my boss that the environment was my priority, I would have been out the door. Ms. Hall, why are you no longer working for a refinery that has excellent pay and benefits?

Sherryl Koob


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