Johnson disingenuous

To the editor:

It was good to see Tim Johnson able to address his supporters before Labor Day in Sioux Falls. And to have him back at work on Wednesday is more than this South Dakotan expected. I never did have anything against Sen. Johnson. I have had a problem with his staff. They have been arrogant, self serving and disrespectful of the people in South Dakota. And it just continues.

I would have thought that Tim would have offered an interview to the person this letter is directed to, hometown newspaper and all. But according to Kevin Woster, media representatives were told by Johnson staff that he wasn't granting interviews. Of course then the Woodruff "documentary/interview" is aired.

He couldn't talk to his constituents, he couldn't talk to local media, but he could spend countless hours with ABC. I find that at best disingenuous. Yes, that is a lack of respect for your fellow South Dakotans, that borders on disdain. All the deception courtesy of Drey Samuelson, Julianne Fisher and the rest of the Johnson staff.

I was ridiculed by the intended of this correspondence for believing South Dakota was owed the "courtesy" to hear from her senator. She finally did, but Bob Woodruff got there first. Obviously Bob is more important to Tim than South Dakota. Now Drey Samuelson is "stunned" that a member of the media would call him a liar. It would be more politically correct to call him a good spinner.

A journalist who is well established in the state, wouldn't throw that term out flippantly. Woster had provocation. It was provided by Johnson's staff, and he and we deserve better.

I resent the sarcastic manner in which a "professional" from the Plain Talk responded in the senator's defense to my requests last summer. Looks now like they were not leveling with us. Yes, they were discourteous, disrespectful and arrogant. Maybe '08 will provide us some relief for our grievances.

This letter will never see a ray of Vermillion sunshine; however, if the person in the salutation actually reads these, it will have served a valuable purpose for me.

Randy Amundson

Sioux Falls

An Invitation

To the editor:

Vermillion area residents are invited to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Vermillion City Hall. This historic event will take place at the current City Hall location at 25 Center St on Monday, Sept. 17, 2007, at 1 p.m. A short program will be followed by the actual groundbreaking event.

City government offices have been temporarily relocated to 120 and 124 East Main, on the corner of Main and Dakota Streets. Demolition of the old building and site preparation for the new structure are scheduled to begin in late September. In conjunction with the move, a public auction of surplus city property will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 5:30 p.m. at 25 Center St.

I wish to thank the citizens for their patience and understanding during the transition and construction. I believe you will agree that the finished product will be worth it!


Dan Christopherson

Mayor of Vermillion

Save, don�t spend

To the editor:

Please tell readers/citizens why the options of terrazzo floors and vinyl wall coverings in the new city hall cannot just be omitted and the �extra money� put back into the city budget for a more pressing category of need (such as old infrastructure repair), or heaven forbid, returned or saved to reduce the tax burden on local citizens.


Catherine Zortman


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