Lions Club meets at W.H. Over Museum on Sept. 6

Lions Club meets at W.H. Over Museum on Sept. 6
The last two business meetings for the Vermillion Lions Club were held in Sletwold Hall at the W. H. Over Museum.�The Sept. 6 meeting was called to order by President Ron Thaden.�He thanked the committee, chaired by Robert Freese, for constructing the display case which features club memorabilia which will be housed at the Over Museum.

He also displayed the five plaques which were presented to the Melvin Jones Award recipients.�Jack Doyle, Marion Kryger, Young Moore III,�Curt Schempp, and Ron Thaden had been honored at the annual picnic in July.�The Melvin Jones award is given to those Lions who demonstrate the motto, "We Serve," and have been involved in activities for the betterment of the community.

An interesting note at the meeting was the reading of a thank-you card by Lion Young Moore III – who serves as chair of the Sight Committee – from a young, homeless man who had appealed to the local Lions while they were working at the Bikers' Breakfast early in August.� The young man was given a pair of glasses by the club and he wrote his gratitude for this gesture.�

Plans to paint the exterior of the Over Museum were discussed.�Robert Freese introduced his guest, Holly Pederson, a former Lion who now resides in Sun City, AZ.�

Guests at the meeting included Shannon Jepson and Jennifer Noiva, juniors from Vermillion High School, who had both been delegates at the state convention of HOBY in Mitchell.�Jennifer was also sponsored by the Lions in the Miss Teen South Dakota pageant, which was held in Pierre.�

Both students spoke of their HOBY experiences and were very enthusiastic about their participation in this program; both are looking forward to returning next year.� Shannon had also traveled to Germany last summer.�Jennifer was crowned Miss Teen South Dakota and shared her experiences.�Both girls were appreciative of the club sponsorship.�

Jacquie Lonning was present with various HOBY representatives and those young people gave the Lions a rousing cheer as an outstanding club.�Once a student attends a HOBY conference, they are committed to 100 hours of community service.

President Thaden closed with announcements of upcoming Lion events.�The Fall Forum will be held in Beresford on Nov. 3.

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