SESDAC, Inc. receives accreditation

SESDAC, Inc. receives accreditation
The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) this week announced the three-year accreditation of SESDAC, Inc., in Vermillion.

The accreditation review of SESDAC, Inc., directed by Michael Slattery, executive director, was held June 26-29, according to Karen Flippo, chairwoman of the council's board of directors.

CQL is dedicated to providing worldwide leadership for greater accountability, responsiveness, and quality performance in human and social service organizations and systems.

Since 1969, CQL has been a leader in developing and measuring quality indicators and standards for services for people with disabilities, emphasizing values-based supports and services, individualized planning and personal outcomes.

CQL's personal outcome measures, the first valid and reliable measurement system designed to assess quality from the consumer's point of view, formed the base of the accreditation review process for SESDAC, Inc.

This system for quality improvement and measurement is grounded in responsiveness to outcomes defined by each person, rather than compliance with organizational processes. This system ensures SESDAC, Inc.'s accountability to service users and provides assurances to funders that valuable community resources are used efficiently and comprehensively.

CQL's term of accreditation is based on measures of leadership, systems, and quality management and planning. The national accreditation review of SESDAC, Inc. demonstrates its pursuit of the highest standards of excellence.

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