The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Wednesday morning ladies enjoy games

Sept. 19 – One more week till our season is over for this year!

We had 22 ladies at the luncheon. As usual, we had a great gathering and lots of fun and visiting. You should really join us.

Desserts were made by Fritz Lefler and Vaneta Youngworth. Wow! Again!

The quarter drawings were won by Ellie Davis, Fritz Lefler, Barb Boone, RoseMary Mart, and Joanne Beringer.

Fritz told us about the NAMI organization and the three-mile walk that she and her daughters and grand-daughters will be walking, helping to raise funds. NAMI is trying to find ways to help cure depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. We will all be thinking of you on your walk and praying for a cure. The walk is in Minneapolis, MN.

Dominoes – Fritz Lefler and Darlene Engbrecht were low.

Pitch – The score keeping was a little shaky, so let's just say the game was enjoyed by all the players.

Bridge – Dorothy Reed was high.

Golf – There were seven ladies out this morning. Great weather. We played count your putts. For us that putt poorly, it was a real challenge.

Winners: Helen Brown ��20; and Joanne Beringer – 21

We have one week left and are already planning for the season next year (2008). Check us out and join us then – if you can't visit with us this year.

Thanks to everyone!

Seniors play in the cold and wind

On Sept. 25, the weather was miserably cold and windy. The seniors played in two divisions. The "A" category were the better players, while the "B" group were the golfers with lesser abilities.

First place in Division A went to the team of Turk Pilker, Rich Morse and Max Anderson with a 33.

Second place in Division A were Shorty Hanson, Dick Burbank and Harlan Schott at 36.

First place in Division B was captured by Ken Beringer, Jim Grabowski and Jim Reed at 36. Second in the 'B' with another 36 were Don Baer, Chet Leja and Dave Zimmer.

Third in this division were the "Over 80" players of Lloyd Helseth, Van Pierce and Vern Holter.

Jim Reed had a 33-yard chip in at #4 while Chet Leja made a 48-foot putt. Vern Holter sank a 30-foot birdie on #5.

Remember, we play in the afternoon at 1 p.m. starting Oct. 2.

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