The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Seniors moving to afternoons in October

The senior men's golf league will change to afternoon play at 1 p.m. on Oct. 2.

Competition this week involved groups of four. The winning team with a 36 consisted of Lloyd Helseth, Jim Zimmerman (a relative of the late Howard Connors), Mo Marcotte and Guy Button. Taking second at 37 were Harlan Schott, Shorty Hanson and Bob Lund.

Using a blind bogey tie-breaking system, the team of Bob Solomon, Jack Doyle, Dick Gregory and Berwyn Svoboda were granted third place.

The next placement via the blind bogey rules went to Turk Pilker, Don Baer, Joe Conroy and Jim Reed. Birdie putts of some length were reported by Joe Conroy, who made a 45-footer on #6 and Guy Button, who dropped a 22-footer on the same hole.

This week a prize was given for worst score, but no publication of the team names will appear in print.

Remember the date of Oct, 2 is when we convert to afternoon play starting at 1 p.m.

Wednesday morning ladies brave the cold

The number of people served at the luncheon was 19.

Desserts were made by Ann Stewart and Mary Lea Hennies.

We had one guest for bridge – Lois Seibel.

Quarter winners were Glennis Stewart, Peggy Mollet, Helen Brown, Barb Boone, and of course, Vaneta Youngworth again!

In bridge, Dorothy Reed had high.

Golf: Six very crazy but brave ladies golfed on a very cold morning. They were all winners in our books. Mary Lea Hennies made a few pit stops at her house to put on more clothes and shoes.

After last week's fiasco playing dominos, things settled down and returned to normal – or as normal as it's going to get with this group. Rula Hatch and Mary Bartels won final low score.

Come join in the fun; this season is almost over but we will be back in May 2008!

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