Vermillion soccer defeats Huron 2-0

Vermillion soccer defeats Huron 2-0
The Vermillion soccer team chalked up its first victory of the season with a win against Huron 2-0. It was a very evenly matched game under ideal weather conditions.

"The girls worked really hard for this win. We had some great performances tonight. Freshman Tash Donnelly started as our goalie and had five saves in goal, one of which was a diving save preventing a score. Our defense played an outstanding game scoring Vermillion's first shutout of the season.

"Our back four defenders were Sam Massey, Sarah Day, Angie Christianson and Casey North. They truly nailed their scoring threat for us. On the offensive end Megan Bottolfson scored her first goal from an assist from Margaret Mueller. Hannah Nelich-Arobba cross a text book pass to her sister Sophie Nelich-Arobba to put the game away in the second half," said coach Dave LaCombe.

"I was very pleased with the girls' performance tonight. They came out ready to play tonight and perform to any coach's expectations. Another statistic that we turned around is corner kicks. We allowed two opponents corner kicks to five of ours."

Vermillion travels to Aberdeen this Saturday to challenge Ipswich.

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