Vermillion welcomes students with Main Street Bash Monday

Vermillion welcomes students with Main Street Bash Monday
Unlike last year, Mother Nature smiled on USD students Tuesday.

Under clear blue skies early Tuesday afternoon, scores of students filled the sidewalks of downtown Vermillion as they walked from campus to the shopping district while participating in Main Street Bash.

The Bash has turned into an annual event in Vermillion in which hundreds of new USD freshmen walk from Slagle Auditorium to the downtown area. There, they are met by local businesses people and are given a free lunch supplied by the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce and Development Company.

The Main Street Bash allows the new students to see that there is more to Vermillion than the USD campus. While downtown, students participate in a scavenger hunt that encourages them to go into various downtown businesses. The businesses, in turn, can encourage the students to come back with advertisements, coupons, or free samples of their merchandise.

The Main Street Bash has grown over the last five years. This year, upperclass USD students were invited to enjoy the event. Townsfolk were warmly welcomed as well.

The idea behind the Main Street Bash began as an attempt to get students familiar with downtown. The event has received rave reviews.

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