Watery stroll treatment soothes sore legs

Watery stroll treatment soothes sore legs
"My right leg is acting up," I said to Phyllis, looking for sympathy.

"Good!" she replied. "Now we can try that new water treatment all our friends are talking about."

"But I don't need treatment!" I moaned. "I was just telling you the leg is acting up, that's all."

"Fine!" she replied, paying no attention to what I just said. "I'll call the Center right away to see when we can get in."

And she went and did it, regardless of the way I felt.

Then she said: "You'll have to get a new swim suit, too. I don't think the trunks you wore playing basketball for South Dakota State will fit you any more. Besides that, they're out of style. That was a long time ago, you know."

I knew.

She went ahead and made all the arrangements, including a spiffy new bathing suit for herself. I was stuck!

I didn't know what the treatment was until we got to the pool.

"All you have to do is walk in the water," she explained. "The pressure of the water will cure what's ailing you."

"Besides that," she went on, "you've been sitting in your office too much. You need a little exercise."

She was right about that. I don't get out too often, so we went to the Center just like she said we would.

When we got there, I saw an Olympic-size pool with lots of accouterments, including floating dumbbells with my old school colors. I felt right at home!

She further explained that you aren't expected to swim; just walk in the water and, you'll be glad you did.

"I said walk IN the water, not ON it," she exclaimed, as I pretended to be one of the apostles. "There's only one person in all of history who walked on the stuff – and you're not Him."

I understood who she was talking about and I'm proud of her that she was so familiar with the New Testament. Then, I tested the water with my toe – on the leg which was "acting up," and I went right in.

I followed her rules explicitly and walked IN the water just three feet, six inches deep in my part of the pool.

And do you know what?

The water helped – and the new trunks with the Velcro fly and no belt stayed up!

The water was just right, so I'm going back. That Phyllis knows what she's talking about!

© 2007 Robert F. Karolevitz

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