Catholic Aid Association Foundation invests in youth

Catholic Aid Association Foundation invests in youth
A little money in the right place can do a lot, the Catholic Aid Association Foundation has found, as it continues to invest in technology for Catholic students throughout the Upper Midwest.

On Sept. 25, Catholic Aid Field Representative Butch Byers presented St. Agnes Catholic School Principal Corinne Rath with $500 for technology improvements. The local Catholic Aid Council president, Mike Lynch, was also on hand to receive the donation.

The Catholic Aid Foundation offers technology grants to Catholic schools and religious education programs for updating and improving existing technology, or to purchase new equipment or software. In the case of St. Agnes, the money will be used to buy a program called SuccessMaker. The new program, Ms. Rath said, focuses on math and reading. Students do exercises on the computer, which then assesses their level of understanding and customizes the curriculum to their needs.

"Our public schools got a big grant to purchase the program last year. We weren't part of the grant," Ms. Rath said. "We're a strong educational town because of the university and I didn't want us to fall behind. It's something we had to do."

Catholic Aid Field Representative Butch Byers has worked to raise money for St. Agnes in the past. It was he who first informed St. Agnes administration of the availability of technology grants from the Foundation. Catholic Aid councils in the Sioux Falls Diocese had already raised $333,846 for Catholic education since 1985. The Catholic Aid Association has matched an additional $87,791 in that time.

St. Agnes Catholic School is a Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade school of 106 students. It raised most of the money to purchase SuccessMaker through a number of fundraisers. The program, which has a good reputation for helping students with standardized testing, is now being implemented at the school.

About the Catholic Aid Association Foundation:

The Catholic Aid Association Foundation was formed in 1997 to provide Catholic

Aid members a vehicle for charitable giving. It focuses on three priority areas of giving: providing funds for technology in Catholic schools and parishes; promoting chastity and abstinence programs for young Catholics; and procuring aid for victims of natural disasters. Through these initiatives, The Catholic Aid Association and the Foundation strive to financially support the spiritual, educational and social needs of Catholic communities throughout the Upper Midwest.

For more information about the Catholic Aid Foundation, call 1-877-275-7145 or visit

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