Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights
Excerpts from the Dakota Republican


The old log schoolhouse located at the base of the ravine has been torn down.

The old Adelphi Hotel is to be moved to the bluff and placed near the Congregational Church. A large addition will be built on to the Adelphi Hotel.

The old Episcopal Church on the bottom is to be torn down. The good material will be used for a new edifice on the lots just north of the city school building.

The new hall at the Chandler House is nearly completed. On July 4th the Vermillion String Band will perform and supper and dance is offered.

The first Sioux Falls Jasper stone was shipped to Vermillion on Monday by H.J. Austin and will be used for the foundation of his new residence.

On July 20th, enough money has been subscribed to purchase ten acres for a new cemetery on the west end of Thomas Jordan's farm on the edge of the bluff. An organizational meeting will be held on July 25th at the Court House.

The City school building is being raised in preparation to its removal to a new foundation about 40 feet east of its present location.

On Aug. 31, 1882 the new cemetery is said to have been plotted by Engineer J.C. Meredith and the trustees are now ready to sell lots.

A cellar for a butter house at the corner of Main and Ravine St. is being excavated.

The Len and Littie Waters Comedy Troup will be in Chandler's Hall this week. Their band and orchestra is the best ever in town.

The tower on M.D. Thompson's residence will soon be completed – a decided improvement in the appearance of the house.

Foundation of the city school building is completed and the old building now rests on the new foundation.

W.G. and J.C. Bower got their ferry across the Missouri in good order.

Chandler has put up a telephone line between the depot and his house.

Mr. Inman has moved his house to its new location and is busy getting it ready for occupancy.

Bower and Jordan are burning their last kiln of brick for the season. The season's output will reach a half million.

The Early Hour Dancing Club has been organized at Chandler Hall.


The new school has been dedicated.

A movement is on foot to build a Catholic Church in town. The University is again domiciled at the Court House and the Old Settlers had their regular annual "blowout" at Chandler Hall.

Andy Lee has the stakes set for a new residence which he will build on his lots just north of Lathrop's.

H.J. Austin has posts set for a fine fence around his residence on Austin Street.

The new jail will soon be finished.

A big fire occurred on the west side of Market Street between Main and Union (Kidder St.). The buildings that burned were public offices, Bridgman & Lotze, butter house of Lee & Prentis, Smery's grocery store, Lockon's meat market (heaviest loser), Rullstead furniture store and saloon, grocery and a wholesale liquor store – no insurance. Not burned were Lee & Prentis store, Finley Hardware, and Salmer's hardware store. Burned buildings were made of wood. And estimated loss was $20,000.


The annual dance of the Old Settlers' Association will be held Jan. 8th at the Court House Hall.

C.C. Eves will soon have his fine soda water fountain ready.

Hans Becklene and Patrick Fox formed a partnership and secured ground of R.M. Tackabery for a brick yard that will be ready in a short amount of time.

Bower & Co. are burning a kiln of brick.

First issue of Plain Talk appeared Tuesday, June 17, 1884.

W.G. Bower has added a machine for pressing brick.

Patrick Fox is busy building University chimneys.

Fox and Becklene brick yard is in trouble. Tackabery sold the land for a brick yard for a down payment for $50.00 and a bond. They failed to make the 1st payment and Tackabury tried to evict them.

Fox and Becklene finished plastering the University building Monday night.

The City Hall has been located on the Comes corner (Church & Main). Brick work on the building is to begin soon.

Bishop Marty has ordered a Catholic Church to be built in Vermillion.

Cal Bower is busy moving buildings from the old town site. He is constantly moving buildings and barns in Vermillion.

The University Museum (Over Museum) will be exhibited at New Orleans this winter – mostly stuffed birds and small animals relative to Dakota will be on display.

The Democrats of Vermillion and vicinity will hold a grand jubilee meeting to celebrate Cleveland's election.

Money is being collected from Vermillion businessmen toward a new Catholic Church on a block donated by Cyrus Synder.

Catholics intend to hold Christmas services in the new church building. Father Collins, the priest from Elk Point, is to come up for services.

A. E. Lee, A. H. Lathrop, etc. had tried to stop legally the bond for City Hall issue.

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