Tanager CC and track teams host conference meet

Tanager CC and track teams host conference meet
The Big 8 Conference Cross Country meet was held on Thursday Oct. 4 at the Vermillion Don Baker CC Course, hosted by the Tanagers, involving both the boys' and girls' varsity and JV divisions. The girls' team final standings were: West Central ? first(23); Vermillion – second (25); Madison – third (45); and Lennox – fourth (56).

Girls VHS varsity results were: Lydia Ford – first (16:28.02); Blair Gilkyson – fourth (16:48.09) Hannah Nehlich-Arobba (ninth); Sophie Nehlich-Arobba – 11th; Beth Szymonski – 12th; and Celeste Sawyers – 16th.

In the JV Race: Jana Bye (VHS) – fourth(19:48.31); Cassie Donahoe (VHS) – fifth; Emily Renner (VHS) – ninth.

Coach Kelly Fischbach said, "I was very happy with the way the girls ran. Lydia ran a great race for her first ever cross country win. We had a great meet and came up a little short. Still, I'm very proud of all of them."

Boys' varsity team results: West Central – first(29); Lennox – second(29); Madison – third(41); Vermillion – fourth(41).

Individual significant results: Tyler Smit (Len) – first (17:46.15). For Vermillion: Casey Carlson – second (18:07.52); Broc Gauer – 10th (19:14.29); Brad Orr – 14th; Ryan Angelo – 15th; Alex Card – 23rd; and D.J.

Donahoe – 24th.

JV division (4000 M) – Tanager results: Robert Osterberg – eighth (15:57.68); Nick Britten – 27th; Tevin Boehrns – 33; Christian Davis – 35; Justin Moos – 39; Matthew Moore – 40; and Sam Robinson – 41.

Coach Fischbach said, "The boys ran well. I thought Casey ran a very nice race to finish second. It was good to have Broc back from the golf team. Our top four runners all finished in the top 15."

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