Tanager girls’ tennis has two close losses in Madison Triangular

Tanager girls' tennis has two close losses in Madison Triangular
Showing a marked improvement over last year's team. Coach Dan Hanson's Tanager girls' tennis team lost both matches in the Madsion Triangular involving St. Thomas More and Vermillion, having played both matches on Sept. 11.

Results of the

first match

Vermillion���3; St. Thom-as More ��6.


Ailing Ghoul (TM) def Liz Day, 8-4; Cheyenne Raforth (TM) def Shannon Skillman, 9-7; Marin Plumb (TM) def Dru Daniels, 8-5; Claire Jones (V) def Jordan McDonald (TM), 8-1; Alicia Hesla (V) def Alexis Haakedahl (TM), 8-5; Catherine Gibbens (TM) def Amanda Granaas, 8-2.


Gould/Raforth (TM) def Day/Daniels, 8-2; Skillman/Jones (V) def Plumb/ McDonald, 9-7; Maddy Kovorick/Lauren McDonald (TM) def Hesla/Granaas, 8-3.

Results of the

second match

Vermillion ��4; Mad- ison ��5.


Molly Johnson (M) def Liz Day, 8-1; Laura Niedert (M) def Shannon Skillman, 8-5; Dru Daniels (V) def Carolyn Hunter, 9-7; Claire Jones (V) def Katie Bock, 8-1; Kaitlinn Sullivan (M) def Alicia Hesla, 8-5; Amanda Granaas (V) def Allison Johnson, 8-4.


Johnson/Niedert (M) def Day/Daniels, 8-3; Skillman/Hones (V) def Hunyrt/Bock, 8-3; Sullivan/ Johnson (M) def Granaas/Valerie Robinson, 8-4.

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