Tanager tennis gets a win at Yankton meet

Tanager tennis gets a win at Yankton meet
In the Yankton Triangular involving Todd County and Vermillion, the Tanager girls played both matches at the Summit Sports Complex on Sept. 6.

Vermillion earned its first win of the season, defeating Todd County 7-2.

Singles: Mariah Emery (TC) def. Liz Day 10-5; Dru Daniels (V) def. Rhea Lawrence 10-5; Claire Jones (V) def. Kassandra Chaunery 10-0; Alexa Hesla (V) def. Hana Gasdic 10 -2; Amanda Granaas (V) def. Allie Swalley 10-3; and Valerie Robinson (V) def. Danni Valenda 10-1.

Doubles: Emery/Gasdici def. Day/Daniels 10-2; Jones/Hesla def. Lawrence/ Chaunery 10-3; and Gran-aas/Robinson def. Swal-ley/Valenda 10-0.

The Tanagers were defeated by Yankton 1-7.

Singles: Gabbie Kacxhena (Y) def. Liz Day by default; Vanessa Rockne (Y) def. Dru Daniels 10-0; Claire Jones (V) def. Jaclyn Mathison 10-8; Marie Holtzmann (Y) def. Alicia Hesla 10-1; Layle Khmisch (Y) def. Amanda Grandaas 10-1; and Heidi Olson (Y) def. Valerie Robinson 10 – 7.

Doubles: Kachena/Rockne def. Day/Daniels by default; Mathison/Holtzmann vs. Jones/Hesla was rained out;

Olson/Steph Rockne (Y) def. Granaas/ Robinson 10-4.

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