Tanager varsity girls’ soccer defeats Groton

Tanager varsity girls' soccer defeats Groton
The Vermillion Tanagers varsity girls' soccer team finished the season with a nail-biter on Saturday, defeating Groton 4-3. The win put the Tanagers in a three-way tie for second place in the Girls' A Division.

Groton is a fast and skilled team. They had a very tough defense, allowing only seven goals in the season. Last weekend's loss against Harrisburg was a disappointment for the team and this weekend, they had to bring their game onto the field.

The seniors really stepped up this game. Cori Bonte lead the Tanagers with three goals. Hannah Nelich-Arobba had the game-winning goal from an assist from Bonte that sealed the victory.

Margo Mueller lead the Tanagers with three assists. Sam Massey, Casey North, Megan Amundson, Angie Christenson, Lacey Leichtman, Tracy Howe, and Michaela played tough defense. Tasha Donnelly had nine saves in goal. Donnelly had some key saves that prevented Groton from running away with the game. Ashley Brunick and Sophie Nelich-Arobba kept the ball on the attack.

"We still have some work to do before the state tournament," Head Coach Dave LaCombe said. "This was a good win for us and a momentum builder for the high school state tournament that starts next week. The whole team deserves the game ball after that game."

Because there is a three-way tie for second place, the state has not decided at this time the Tanagers' seeding for the state tournament that starts on Thursday.

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