Vermillion Lions Club meets Oct. 4

Vermillion Lions Club meets Oct. 4
The Oct. 4 business meeting for the Vermillion Lions Club was called to order by President Ron Thaden.�The club was led in prayer, songs, and the Pledge of Allegiance by Young Moore III and Tom Thaden.

Young Moore III reported the rewards, as opposed to the frustrations, of chairing the Sight and Hearing Committee by reading two thank-you notes from the recipients of new glasses. Providing glasses for those who need them and can't always afford the cost involved is one of the major local funding projects provided by the Lions Club throughout the years.

A thank-you letter for the ongoing support of the Lions Club for the W. H. Over Museum was read by Lion Ron.� He also announced that there is currently a puzzle-solving feature in the state newspaper.

The Dakota Days float committee will be chaired by Lion Marie Ann Ben and the entry has been submitted and the float will be completed early next week. The slogan for this year's Dakota Days is "Life's a Beach," and the theme will be incorporated into the float along with the current project of renovating and moving the replica of the original log school house.

The fall forum will be held in Beresford on Nov. 3 and attendance was encouraged. On Oct. 20, the exterior of the museum will be painted and volunteers were solicited.

Two members were initiated into Lionism by Lion Ron and they are�Sue Christensen, sponsored by Lion Gloria Christopherson, and Jeanette Nygaard, sponsored by Marie Ann Ben. Robert Van Why was reinstated into membership at the same time.

Phyllis Packard, solid waste director for Vermillion, was the guest speaker. She reminded us of the annual hazardous waste pickup scheduled this Friday for Vermillion and this Saturday for Yankton. Phyllis explained the survey she has been doing to explore the possibility of curbside recycling and stressed that this was an informal poll.

She has recently submitted a grant to cover the cost of a truck and related equipment which would be needed to implement this type of recycling. Each household would be charged if this type of recycling were chosen. Presently, the type and size of the bin to be used is being explored. Presently, two more trailers are planned to be located in Vermillion: one on the campus and the other to rotate to the two grade schools in Vermillion.

Phyllis related some of the figures concerning the land fill; at this time in our region, 100-120 tons of material is being recycled. The prices for recyclable items is going up. Much of the materials being collected locally are being sold out of state. She stated that she would like to see more items being put into the recycling bins – such as window envelopes and more metal.

She also related that the local recycling center has been recognized as one of the cleanest centers which is producing the cleanest product in our area. There is country-wide competition for purchasing recyclables and China and India are buying cardboard and other paper products. She indicated that our present landfill can look to a lifetime of 70 years and that she also looks to the population to finding improved ways to deal with garbage.

Phyllis completed her talk with a short bit of information about her spinning and weaving and how certain products, such as corn, are now used to the creation of "wool."

The next board meeting for the Lions will be on Oct. 11 at 7 a.m. at the Over Museum and the Lions' Fall Pancake Days are Oct. 17 and 18 at the Armory.

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