Vermillion Tanagers varsity girls’ soccer team extends winning streak

Vermillion Tanagers varsity girls' soccer team extends winning streak

"We had great performances from our team tonight," said head coach Dave LaCombe. "West Central had good speed and our defenders did an outstanding job, allowing only six shots on goal.

"Sam Massey, Megan Amundson, Angie Christensen, and Casey North are the leaders in the back four. Jenna Peterson did a great job in her first start as goalie tonight. She had four saves. Cori Bonte and Sophie Nelich-Arobba both lead the Tanagers with two goals and Megan Bottolfson score the other goal.

"Cori lead the Tanagers with two assists and Hannah Nelich-Arobba and Michaela Telleria each had one. Our key to the game is the ability to attach from either direction.

"We lost our opener to St. Thomas Moore and made some key adjustments, and have since been on a 6-0 run," the coach said. "The key to our success is our ability to believe in ourselves that we can do it."







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