Annises receive Cruise with the President Award

Annises receive Cruise with the President Award
Holly and Kevin Annis of Vermillion were recently honored as the winners of the 2007 Platinum Cruise with the President. This is an honor bestowed on the top sales professionals for National Companies, Inc.

The award is issued to the company's top salespeople. Winners receive an all-expense-paid cruise, along with a $1,000 cash award.

"We are thrilled to be included in this year's cruise winners," Holly Annis said. "Not only do we enjoy being part of the National Companies family, but this award is a reflection on the quality of the National Companies portfolio.

Since only 20 couples from across the country are cruise winners, this award is one of National Companies' highest honors-recognition programs, said Angela Loehr Chrysler, president and CEO of National Companies, Inc.

"We have gifted sales producers throughout our organization, but this award is meant for the absolute cream of the crop, and the Annises fit that description perfectly," Chrysler said.

For more information, contact Holly and Kevin Annis at (605) 624-9463 or

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