Guy is Sanford PRIDE employee of month

Guy is Sanford PRIDE employee of month

Andrea Guy, PM Cook, Nutrition Services was selected as the Sanford Vermillion Medical Center (SVMC) November 2007 PRIDE Employee of the Month. Guy has been employed at SVMC since October 2006. Andrea is an absolutely wonderful example of what a caring, compassionate, and giving person is who has the best interests of each person (at Dakota Gardens) at heart. The tenants there all love Andrea and I believe that is mutual. She knows each one by name, greets each with a big smile and sometimes an encouraging comment or two. She even remembers who has decaf and who has regular coffee. As a kind and caring person, she watches each day and asks questions if someone is not there. She is a bright light in everyone 's daily lives!! She is one of a kind. Andrea is special in all she does. One cannot be depressed, lonely or feel forgotten when Andrea is around. Meals are always served on time, and with a smile. Her service and dedication are of the highest quality, and certainly appreciated by all of us. One gentleman explains it by saying she always makes you feel you are her best friend. ' I know that her love does not stop at Dakota Gardens but she has a hug or soft shoulder or kind words for those in the care center as well. She is a happy cheerful and helpful person. These comments were shared in nominations for Guy.

Andrea not only provides excellent service to her customers, she makes each and every one of them feel special and cared for. comments Barb Kingsbury, Nutrition Services Manager, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.

Andrea is married to Joe Guy. Andrea and Joe have 5 children. They reside in Volin.







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