Historic Burbank School receives Buffett grant

Historic Burbank School receives Buffett grant
The Burbank School recently received a challenge from Ms. Doris Buffett to raise $10,000. Ms. Buffett agreed to give the school $5,000 from her Sunshine Lady Foundation if the goal would be met.

This all came about because Sylvia Lynch, a longtime worker to save the Burbank School, wrote a letter to Warren Buffett after reading about the gift he gave to Bill Gates. Mrs. Lynch explained in her letter that she was 75 years old and not able to do physical labor, but felt she had the ability to write the letter to Mr. Buffett. She explained to him that the school needed $100,000 to repair the roof and foundation of the historical building.

Mr. Buffett sent the letter on to his retired sister, Ms. Doris Buffett, who had spent her working years as a schoolteacher. Ms. Buffett called Sylvia in August of 2006 to inform her that she would meet the challenge for the school. Sylvia explained to Ms. Buffett that she would like to have the statement in writing.

On Sept. 20, 2006, Sylvia received the statement from Ms. Buffett. By September of 2007, the Burbank School had raised $11,900. Sylvia informed the volunteer group of Burbank School of the letter and challenge that had been met.

Financial records were sent to Ms. Buffett telling her how the money was raised and on Sept. 26, a check as received from the Sunshine Lady Foundation for $10,000, rather than the $5,000 originally agreed to by Ms. Buffett.

Ms. Buffett believes that understanding the past is the key to sensible planning for the future, and she is personally devoted to nurturing the love of history, and the Burbank School is just that. In 1910, Mr. Nelson Cusick donated three acres of land, and the school stands on this parcel today. Mr. Cusick's great-grandson, Kevin, and his wife, Lori, reside on and farm some of the Cusick land in the Burbank community.

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