Home-schoolers study variety of subjects

Home-schoolers study variety of subjects
Fourth- and fifth-graders from the Vermillion Christian Home Educators have been meeting together this fall along with other home-schoolers of all ages to study a wide range of subjects.

Jacob Ford, appearing above as Civil War hero Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, said of the class, It was exciting learning about the people and then getting to the point where we could wear the costumes and give our speeches.

The Vermillion Christian Home Educators (VCHE) formed in the summer of 2007 and began a teaching co-op with approximately 65 students representing 18 families from the area. The group 's purpose is to provide fun and varied learning experiences to area home-schooled students while providing support and encouragement for home-schooling parents.

Classes range from Web design and policy debate for the high-school-aged students to show-and-tell and music for the preschoolers. Classes are taught by parents and local professionals.

End-of-semester activities for the group include a field trip to Gavins Point Dam and Christmas caroling with residents of the Vermillion Care Center.

An all-new offering of classes will begin after the holidays and will include the President 's Physical Fitness Challenge for some of the students.

In the spring of 2008, VCHE will be holding a luncheon for all area home schooling mothers. The event will include motivational speakers, workshops, and a curriculum sale.

After home schooling overseas for a year, the group 's leader, Lisa Waldron, commented on home-schoolers in the Vermillion area.

Having spent last year living in Beijing, China, and participating in a large inter-

national home school co-op there, I wondered whether our smaller Vermillion community could provide the parent resources needed to make a co-op work.

I 've found that our VCHE parents are not only enthusiastic and creative when teaching our kids, but they have diverse talents – which makes class planning easy. Plus, everyone has been willing to pitch in and help wherever needed, whether it 's organizing a field trip or cleaning classrooms. I really enjoy working with this group of families.

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