Hoogendoorn SESDAC, Inc. October Employee of the Month

Hoogendoorn SESDAC, Inc. October Employee of the Month
Curtis Hoogendoorn, Community Supports Instructor, was selected as the SESDAC, Inc. October 2007 Employee of the Month. Curtis has been employed at SESDAC, Inc. since July 2007.

Curtis was nominated for the award by his fellow coworkers, based on his dedication to his job and the people he supports.

"Curtis has a quality about him that everyone loves. He is a hard worker, dedicated to his job, and always does the best he can at each and every task presented to him. He is an outstanding team player and an asset to the organization." These are a few of the comments that were made about Curtis in the employee of the month nominations.

Curtis has a degree in Nursing from the University of South Dakota and currently resides in Vermillion.

SESDAC, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that assists people with disabilities to live, work, and socialize in their community. SESDAC, Inc. was incorporated in 1976 and currently serves 74 people with disabilities and has 140 employees.

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