The Pied Piper

To the editor:

I find it very interesting that the City Council of Elk Point would support the Hyperion project when very few of the members have been to any of the presentations put on by the Save Union County Committee.

Following the last meeting, a member of the council approached one of the SUCC members and stated, in front of witnesses, that she was mistaken. Elk Point was not the place for this project.

Perhaps if more of the council members would listen to what the results of an oil refinery could do to this area, they could together admit that they have possibly made a mistake. It is much better to admit to an error now rather than having to live the rest of our lives with the horrible consequences.

Please realize that SUCC has not taken their stand because they want to hurt the community. They love this land and only want what is best for it. Why would people believe a stranger who has made promises of wealth and well being with no documentation or written promises, instead of listening to the people that care deeply about Union County?

It reminds me of the story of the Pied Piper.

Carolyn Harkness
Elk Point

With special thanks

To the editor:

Heartland Humane Society's first annual Tails and Trails 3K walk/6K run held on Saturday, Nov. 3, was a huge success. There were over 30 dog participants and 50-plus human participants. The event raised $1,000 that will be utilized for Heartland Humane Society's spay/neuter program.

Two of HHS' foster dogs were adopted on Saturday as a direct result of the event. Its success was due to a diverse group of people concerned about the welfare of animals in our region.

Heartland Humane thanks the following: Jones' Food Center, Hy-Vee and Wal-Mart for the water, apples and monetary contributions; Mrs. Muhowalds' fifth-grade class for the creative artwork on the sacks given to the participants; USD grad students, Melissa Russell, Sara Churchman, David Fraser, Rose Rieger, Chris Hansman, Amy Lindner and Tyler McCoy who came up with the idea for a walk/run, using a class project as the basis for approaching HHS and then proceeded to organize and implement the event; The Volante for advertising the event free of charge; Heartland Humane Society members that baked doggie treats, made doggie Christmas bandanas, volunteered and participated; HHS foster families who brought dogs available for adoption to the event.

Also thanks to the city of Vermillion for use of Cotton Park and the Vermillion Police Department for approving the route. HHS gratefully thanks all who participated with their canine companions and their generous monetary contributions.

Tails and Trails will be an annual event held on the first Saturday of November. Mark your calendars for Tails and Trails 2008.

Barbara A. Yelverton
HHS Board Member

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