An alarming rate

To the editor:

Dogs have been coming in to the Yankton City Pound at an alarming rate and even more alarming is the number having to be euthanized each week. These dogs are not bad or sick, most just dumped off, some obviously mistreated.

These great dogs and cats are starved for attention and love, having done nothing to deserve their ultimate fate. It is extremely sad to see young pets with such potential being euthanized due to lack of space to house them.

The problem is that a pet has been irresponsibly bred or just disposed of when it no longer is the "cute puppy or kitty," having not been trained.

In addition to these pound animals, the number of calls we get every day at Heartland Humane Society about animals that need homes is unbelievable.

I am impressed with the great need for more education on spaying and neutering, proper care of animals, and awareness that they are not disposable. The looks on their faces while in their kennels not realizing this could be their last day is heartbreaking.

We can use help with education, formally, or informing your family and friends. Our members cannot do it all alone. We appreciate the wonderful support our members give us. We need monetary support for vet care and building a facility that serves a 45 mile radius around Yankton.

Without a facility, our foster homes are the only saving grace for homeless animals. If you are able to foster or know someone who might be interested, please contact us. With your assistance, we can help more pets. If it is a gift of time to help educate or volunteer in our office, or a gift of your home to foster, it is all important and will be equally gratifying for you as well.

Thank you for all of your support and commitment to our cause. Contact info: Heartland Humane Society, PO Box 585, Yankton, SD 57078, 605-664-4244, heartlandhumanesociety.net.

Janette Kaddatz

Director of Operations

Heartland Humane Society


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