New book highlights South Dakota’s curiosities

New book highlights South Dakota's curiosities
Just how did all those musical instruments wind up at the University of South Dakota? Author Bernie Hunhoff explains and tells you about other unique people and places in his newest book, South Dakota Curiosities.

Our state is full of quirky people and offbeat destinations. Hunhoff brings them all together in this entertaining 300-page travel book that will keep you laughing from cover to cover. You'll read about the woman who, along with her horse, got carried 1,300 feet by a tornado. You can get a glimpse of the world's biggest wind vane near Lemmon and learn about the cottonwood tree in Henry that just won't die.

As the editor and publisher of South Dakota Magazine, based in Yankton, Hunhoff has traveled the highways and gravel roads of his home state for over 20 years, looking for the people and places that make South Dakota unique. This book is a collection of the most notable people he's met and places he's visited.

The book has sections devoted to West River, East River, Sioux Falls, the Missouri River Valley and the Black Hills. Maybe you'll know somebody who's featured in the book. Maybe you'll read about a place you've visited. But even if you don't, one thing is for sure – you'll love reading about South Dakota's "Curiosities."

South Dakota Curiosities is available for $14.95 in bookstores or by calling South Dakota Magazine at 1-800-456-5117.

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