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The Elder Law Forum "Corporatized Medicine" Rejects 360-Pound Grandson This is a test: State loudly and clearly the following two words: "Socialized Medicine!" Take your pulse. Slighted elevated? Next, state loudly and clearly the words: "Corporatized Medicine!" Again, take your pulse. Returned to normal? Feel better? Good. See how malleable … Read Article

Music in Motion

Music in Motion Music in Motion, a swing choir consisting of Vermillion seventh- and eighth-graders, conclude their performance during the VMS Fall Show, held Nov.16-17 in the VHS Performing Arts Center. View more photos of this event at            

Philanthropist Denny Sanford donates $20 million for pediatric research

Philanthropist Denny Sanford donates $20 million for pediatric research South Dakota philanthropist Denny Sanford will donate $20 million for the creation of the Sanford Children's Health Research Center. The gift will serve as the foundation for collaboration between Sanford Health of Sioux Falls and the Burnham Institute for Medical Research … Read Article

FSA Notes

FSA Notes Aflatoxins in Corn Alflatoxins are a group of chemicals produced by certain mold fungi. It can be recognized by yellow-green or gray-green, respectively, on corn kernels in the field or storage. Aflatoxins are harmful or fatal to livestock and considered carcinogenic (cancer-causing) to animals and humans. Alflatoxins levels … Read Article