Sanford celebrates health information and technology

Sanford celebrates health information and technology

With each passing year, health information – and the technology that drives it – becomes an even larger part of the American healthcare system. From online patient billing to real-time test results, health information and technology drives, defines, or determines a greater percentage of healthcare's overall annual "progress."

This predominance was celebrated with an array of activities and presentations Nov. 4 through 10. This year, the American Health Information Management Association's 18th annual spotlight on the spirit and spark of innovative healthcare information and technology is titled, "Accuracy you can count on, information you can trust. We wanted to capture the true essence of what our members bring to the table of healthcare service that makes the system stronger and, ultimately, better," said AHIMA CEO Linda Kloss, RHIA, FAHIMA. "Our message of awareness and pride has spread from coast to coast, educating healthcare professionals and consumers on the importance of the people and practices behind health information management."

"We look forward to Health Information Management (HIM) week every year. It's a great opportunity to celebrate the hard work that the HIM staff does all year at Sanford Vermillion and a chance to remind everyone of the importance of keeping all PHI private, secure and accurate," said Julie Girard, Sanford Vermillion Health Information Department manager.

As in past years, AHIMA is partnering with the Canadian Health Information Management Association, "to provide even greater outreach across North America," said Gail Cook, CHE, CHIMA executive director and registrar. "With a united theme and unified purpose, we're assuring the public that information essential to their health rests in the best hands in the business."







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