SD magazine features Vermillion

SD magazine features Vermillion

Locals know about the "Vermillion vortex." People leave town only to return years later to enjoy Vermillion's quality of life. South Dakota Magazine writer David Jensen explored the vortex for a feature article on Vermillion, appearing in that publication's November/December issue.

While gathering information about the vortex, Jensen discovered a community rich in arts and entertainment. He visited downtown businesses, galleries, museums, churches and The University of South Dakota, all of which combine to make Vermillion a unique city.

Another story in the magazine features longtime University of South Dakota history professor Herbert T. Hoover. Penned by author and historian Jon K. Lauck, the article examines Hoover's 40-plus years as a South Dakota historian and his important contributions to the field. Hoover talks about his firsthand experiences with American Indian Movement leaders in the 1970s, his many years of chronicling Indian history in South Dakota and his current project, a book titled What Went Wrong on the Rez.

South Dakota Magazine is headquartered in Yankton. It explores the history, arts, culture, sports and outdoors of the state. To order a copy or to subscribe, call 1-800-456-5117.







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