Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights
Excerpts from the Plain Talk and Dakota Republican


The churches are installing electric lights and showing them off with social functions. The Light Co. offers to furnish free electricity to churches for entertainments and that means free outdoor illumination.

H.G. Tilton now owns the �island, buying it from H.T. White.

Corn is more economical fuel to buy than coal at the present prices. It makes a hotter fire.

The foundation for the new Dalesburg Church is ready but this rugged weather continues the probability is that the work of construction which was to have begun immediately by Contractor Matson will be somewhat delayed.

After the big ice storm, the electric wires are now in shape again and the town is once more lighted in all its parts. Telephone and telegraph connections have likewise been re-established.

Efforts to raise money for a hotel are the talk around town.

Michels, the photographer has put in a new polisher and new posing chair which are of first class and never was beaten in South Dakota. He is always adding new improvements to his gallery. He has met with pretty good success since he opened up in this city, and we hope that he may continue to meet with success.

W.H. Lawton moved back to Vermillion from Elk Point. Cal Russell once more is proprietor of Vermillion-Westreville and Vermillion-Greenfield stage lines.

Plans are in the making for Austin School at the corner of Main and 12th street.

Lots of old buildings were destroyed by fire recently.


The WCTU ladies and their friends enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon at the home of Mrs. Austin, the occasion being a reception in honor of Mrs. Lee and her daughter, before leaving for Pierre. The dining room table was made pleasant by silver and cut glass; a centerpiece of roses and carnations was presented to the ladies of honor when the goodbyes were said. The day was especially pleasant and the large and roomy house well filled.

The inauguration of Andrew Lee as Governor of South Dakota was marked with commendable simplicity and common sense. The pomp and circumstance of some former inaugurations were dispensed with and Gov. Lee assumed his office in a plain, business like way. He saved the House and Senate from a long address. His appearance impresses people with his business ability and his history has demonstrated his honesty. Gov. Lee�s message has the old-time Jacksonion ring to it. And we believe he means every word of it.

William Burr is referred to as the broom man.

The Austin lots at the corner of Main and Prospect would have been a good place for a hotel.

The fire boys were called out this morning a little after six o�clock to put out the fire in the council room of the city hall. The alarm was first given by a couple of lodgers in the city cooler, who noticed that the ceiling of their apartment was on fire around the stovepipe. The fire boys were prompt to respond to the call, got the cart out, laid the hose and were ready to turn the stream on the fire as soon as the door was opened, but, as of yore, the hydrant was frozen tight. The boys then repaired to the hose room and secured a few buckets to carry water to quench the fire, which took but little water and time.

The free electric light service to the occupants of West Hall has been discontinued, and now the occupants who wish to use electric lights must pay at the rate of $2.50 per light for the winter term. It was found necessary to make this change, as the expense of the free lights vastly exceeded the amount appropriated for that service.

Rev. Father Collins, who has been with us for the past two years as pastor of St. Agnes church received word a few days ago from Rev. Bishop O�Gorman, that his services were required at Montrose. He at once got in readiness, and left for his new field on Tuesday.

The salary of the States Attorney was on motion fixed at $500.00 with an additional sum of $6.00 per month of office rent.

Thomas Jordan�s building at the boat landing was broken into Sunday morning about 4 o�clock and a quantity of smoking and chewing tobacco was stolen. Also a keg of cider and some canned goods. Mr. Jordan says he has located the miscreants and if they do not return the goods at once he will make it pretty hot for them.

2009 will mark the 150th birthday of the city of Vermillion. Each week until the sesquicentennial celebration, this column will present notable historic information pertaining to the city and surrounding areas.

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