Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights
Excerpts from the Dakota Republican and Plain Talk, 1895

The new University Building is open to the public for inspection, lst floor is complete. The President and Secretary are in their office.

It is reported Fred Larson will again resume manufacturing cigars. The Editor hopes it is true.

The Marshalltown post office is discontinued and mail will be sent to Clay Point.

Thomas Jordan is making fine new boats to put on the Vermillion River in summer.

The Main street sidewalks will soon be all cement or brick.

People are still wiring their business places for electric lights when they come.

There is still trouble with proprietors of Asymptote saloons. The cases were dismissed.

Young men from Spirit Mound area for the Young Men's Mound Association and want to tunnel through the Mound. They are already through 30 feet of it. The Editor thinks it is a fine idea.

Is it not a little singular that no one of the reliable men in this town who is backing the temperance work will make the necessary affidavit on which to prosecute liquor dealers? Is it not a pretty desperate cause which is compelled to employ professional, non-resident sneaks to do the dirty work? Who are these spotters? Nobody seems to know. Gilfillan says he is a resident of the state. A man who will spy for money will perjure himself for money. Such a man will steal or burn your house for money.

Things on the Island are humming these days. Four new saloon shacks are going up and will soon be ready for business. The Loafman boys who sold out lately to parties from Ponca are going to start in again. Two men from Sioux City are also candidates for the approaching trade on wet goods. The female attraction also hold the boards to illustrate a phase of civilization for which nobody seemingly has any remedy.

There was a sensational elopement from the Island last night. One of the speckled beauties ran away with Amos Barber during the dark hours and Amos has gone on the road with his lady love, a covered wagon and a pair of bronco ponies.

There was an exciting time at the Tote last Saturday afternoon. The injunction processes procured as the result of Spotter Gilfillan's investigations were placed in Sheriff Satter's hands late in the afternoon and at six o'clock, accompanied by six deputies, he made a start for the Island to jug the booze pen. Near the Air Line Bridge Hat Washburn was met. Then there was a race for Hat's place which is situated on the bar a short distance from the Kidder Island. Hat laid down on the door to the underground refrigerator in which he keeps the beer, but the boys lifted him and took the kegs. Meanwhile Dan Loafman who was coming to town in a car passed Hat's place and seeing the situation turned his horse's head toward Nebraska and went through the sand like a hurricane. Everybody seemed to be making a run for the main part of the Tote all at once and the sand flew worse than it would during a simoom on the Sahara desert. The boys on the Tote saw the gang coming and everybody grabbed a bottle or a jug or keg, while the frail women took their loose and gauzy skirts in the hands and ran panic stricken toward tall timber. The Loafman boys succeeded in cleaning their place of budge before the officers arrived, but the Sioux City saloonists were not so successful. One of the Doolan boys grabbed his jugs and made a straight shoot for Nebraska leaving his pocket book containing all his coin on the counter. He didn't stop till he reached Patsy Naughton's where he borrowed a hat to wear and enquired for a boat in which to cross the river. Not finding that hand he is said to have enquired when the river was likely to freeze up. A quantity of beer and whiskey was secured and the officers came home and lodged it in the county jail, where I now lies in durance vile. The Island was considerably shaken up and panic stricken but the Loafmans opened up their joint again as soon as the scare was over and budge was retailed as freely Saturday night as ever. So much for the last effort to destroy Tote by means of the spotter system.

When they first came here one of the spotters went to the Island and got beastly drunk and after cavorting with the drunks and lewd women laid down in the sand to sleep off his debauch. A day or two after, when it was discovered that he was employed to spy he went back to the Island and with a long face and tears in his eyes swore up and down that he was not a spotter, his very soul revolted at such business and then he wanted more to drink. The whiskey traffic produces many disreputable features, not the least of which is the professional spotter.

The City Council at its meeting on Monday laid the curfew ordinance on the shelf where it will remain indefinitely. The members of the council are evidently or opinion that the citizens of the city don't need the aid of the city government in the management of their families.

The saloons on the Island are closed and so they are here in town but keg parties are going on it every cellar and garret around town. All the secluded nooks along the river are lousy with beer picnickers. Such is the manner in which prohibition prohibits. s it not a shameful farce?

The change for incandescent electric lights under the new system will be 75 cents per month per light. Mr. Brookman says he intends to put the lights in at the actual cost of labor and material.

A number of people are making good wages catching pocket gophers. The bounty of 10 cents per pelt is worth working for and those who are provided with a sufficient number of the right kind of traps can make good wages.

Farmers, when in town, go to the Farmer's Home and get dinner and barn room for your horses, all for 25 cents. G.P. Gilbertson, Proprietor.

The finishing touches were put on the high fence around the county jail yesterday morning.

You fellows who have incomes subject to taxation had better go down to the post office and read the notice which agents of the Internal Revenue Service have posted up for your inspection.

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