Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights
Excerpts from the Dakota Republican


The waterworks pumps started and pumped water uphill into a tank. But there seems to be a leakage somewhere.

Vermillion Hose Co. # 1 is formed.

There was damage done to the Congregation Church plastering during the testing of the waterworks – a stream of water was directed at the church tower.

Mrs. Austin stores ice for the summer from the Missouri River.

The buildings on the sand bar are being sold and will be moved away.

O.S. Olson started up a tailoring business.

The lawsuit over the Episcopal Church matter trying to prove Bishop Hare approved a certain contract involving lumber companies furnishing mostly lumber is still alive.

Dr. Burdick took up subscription to purchase a fountain to place in front of the corner of Main and Center Street for the convenience of the public. Man, horse and dog each has a place to use it.

Work on the Norwegian Lutheran Church is rapidly moving forward. The saw mill of Hanson and Boyles is going up in the Austin timber west of Vermillion.

Miss Pansy Austin gave one of the largest children's parties ever in Vermillion �140 invitations were sent out and about 120 responded. The evening was spent in such games on the lawn as could be played by so many. Being the crowd was that large, lemonade and sugar cookies were served instead of birthday cake. By 7:30 the guests left for their homes.

William Michels will hope a photographic gallery on Market St.

The Larson brothers are talking about moving their cigar plant to a larger town.

W. G. Bower and Son have bought the restaurant interest of J. W. Jordan. It is called "Hotel Arlington" (sort of a hotel for transients).


Hotel Arlington run by W.G. Bower and Co. is strictly run on "Sunday School plan," smoking is forbidden in the office.

Bowers sold Hotel Arlington to J.R. Boyce of Missouri.

M.J. Chaney of Newell, Iowa, accepted a position in the Clay County Bank.

The WCTU is apparently responsible for Mrs. Austin running for a position on the school board.

A foot bridge across the ravine is being talked about again.

Vermillion Park is a certainty. Mrs. Austin deeded Block 36 to the city. (The Austin School is located on this property today.)

Hotel Arlington auction was last week. Three liquor places were raided last week.

A big fire hit Vermillion again; University Hall had no water pressure to fight it. A reel was broken at a recent fire and has never been repaired. A whistle at the Vermillion Milling Co. was used as a fire alarm during the middle 1890's.


Walter W. Hoffman, senior publisher of the Clay County Freeman, fired at young boys in a sleighing party on Atwood Hill north of Vermillion. Charlie Overhule was killed. The boys were coast, and had been shouting and frightened the horses. The jury decided shot was fired feloniously and unlawful.

Lumber from the World's Fair building arrives.

Sheriff Satter descends upon Asymptote again – 2 places running wide open.

Asymptote (derived from Greek, meaning not coinciding) island suburb is no more. For two years keepers of shanties have defied law and opinion. Thanks to the WCTU, landowners and legal assistance of Tilton and Lyon, the end has come.

Three stores have been burned – a fire bug is claimed.

Ladies have caught the bicycle craze. "Lady wheelists" nearly equal the gentlemen.

Request by a druggist for permit to sell intoxicating liquor, a long fought case is denied by Judge Runyan.

A number of prairie schooners, about a dozen, passed through Vermillion and camped on the bottom, north of the city.

Harry K. White, owner of land on which booze shanties are, tried to fence his property. Booze dealers pulled up the posts. The owner is now trying to bring injunction against the booze dispensers.


Vermillion is getting to be a lively Divorce Mart. A reporter for the Plain Talk was at the court house on Tuesday on his regular weekly rounds after news and, while there he unearthed seven divorce proceedings pending which, up to the present time, have been kept very quiet. The conclusion from these facts is that Vermillion is getting to be a divorce mart and that it might become a better one if proper encouragement were held out to those seeking relief from domestic turmoil. If we had a fine hotel it is altogether probable that we might divide the business of entertaining these people with Yankton and Sioux Falls.

Clerk Copeland says he now has several letters of inquiry asking about the town and the chances of obtaining employment during the time that would be necessary to complete a residence for divorce purposes.

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