Tanager girls’ volleyball team triumphs over Alcester/Hudson

Tanager girls' volleyball team triumphs over Alcester/Hudson
On Monday, Sept. 10, Vermillion hosted a combined team match of Tanager volleyball in the VHS main gymnasium, with the varsity winning 25-15, 25-17, 25-14.

Key to abbreviations for scoring: A: ace, B: block, D: dig, SA: set assists.

Tanager player statistical results: Raychel Lorenz ��14 SA, 4 D, 2 A; Alicia Brown ��8 K, 17 D, 1 B; Tania Faria ��7 K, 1 B, 13 SA, 4 A, 5 D; Alexa Walker ��4 K, 10 D; Brittany Bye ��6 K, 1 D.

Coach Lenni Billber evaluated the varsity performance: "Great win! We dominated in all facets of the game. Everyone got a chance to play."

The JV team won 2-0, scoring 25-15, 25-18.

Assistant coach Jamie Baedke said, "We played much better tonight. A great in for the JV!"

Statistics: Jsierra Allen ��6 K, 1 B, 4 A; Sara Kjose ��7 SA, 4 A; Brianna Brinkman ��23 D; Molly LeCates ��4 A.

The freshman (C) team lost 1-2, scoring 25-13, 19-26, 8-15.

Assistant coach Chris Doty said, "Our play is much improved tonight, but the girls couldn't make the crucial play when it was needed."

Statistics: Kenzie Huska ��1 K, 2 D; Shelby Covill ��3 D, 2 A; Carlee Sorensen ��5 D, 2 A.

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