Vermillion City Council declares Nov. 11-17 ‘United Way Week’

Vermillion City Council declares Nov. 11-17 'United Way Week'
United Way

The United Way of Vermillion and the Vermillion City Council have declared the week of November 11-17 "United Way Week."

According to Mary Merrigan, president of United Way of Vermillion, the 2008 campaign is well under way and "the support from Mayor Christopherson and the City Council is greatly appreciated."

During the week, numerous United Way coin banks will be displayed at various Vermillion businesses. The public is encouraged to participate in the 2008 campaign and donate their change and fill the United Way "Loose Change" coin banks.

Just $2 per week in loose change can provide numerous benefits to the community, including one free library book each month for three children for an entire year; affordable swimming lessons for 15 children; making available school supplies for five children; and supporting the delivery of nutritious meals to home-bound senior citizens.

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