Yarbrough is guest of Lions

Yarbrough is guest of Lions

The Nov. 14 meeting of the Vermillion Lions Club was called to order by President Ron Thaden at 6 p.m. in Sletwold Hall at the W. H. Over Museum. After the opening , several committee reports were heard and some financial requests were reviewed. Allen Johnson reported that the Vermillion's Lions Club had received an award for club growth at the fall forum which was held in Beresford.

Marie Ann Ben reported that the campus Lion's club was still recruiting but that they have already beeen active and have been participating in meetings and activities. The Club will decorate a tree for the Christmas festival at the museum. Lion Thaden announced that the state convention will be held in Aberdeen in January.

Lion Cathy Colwell introduced guest, David Yarbrough and his father, Steve. David spoke about his Eagle Scout project and demonstrated how he has set up a Web site featuring local volunteers. David will continue to add to this Web site in an effort to encourage more individuals to volunteer for their community organizations. He also explained how there will be links available to assist individuals to find opportunities for volunteering and organizations will have the opportunity to show their needs.

Lions Roger Kugler and Robert Macy announced that they have arranged a visitation meeting in Elk Point for those individuals working on completeing their Proud Lion Award in time for the District Governor's visit in January. It was also decided to support the Girl's Basketball Tournament by sponsoring a team.







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