No cable again?

To the editor:

In the last seven weeks, I have experienced cable Internet and/or television outages each and every week (as well as many, many other times in the past).

Each time this happens, while looking at a "cannot display" notice on my screen, I recall a former Vermillion City Council voting to limit Vermillion's cable service to a single company. As a result, Vermillion residents have no alternative cable system options when the present service performs inadequately, and they pay higher monthly fees than neighboring communities with similar services.

Therefore, I am requesting:

  • MidContinent forgive Vermillion cable users an amount equal to a one-month service charge, justifiable because of inadequate performance on their side of the service contract.


  • MidContinent immediately reduce the monthly fees Vermillion residents pay to an amount equivalent to what our neighbors in Yankton pay. I believe this is approximately 20 percent less than Vermillion's rate. It is also my understanding that this has been happening for years.


  • That the present City Council overturn the colossal mistake made by their predecessors and seek an alternative cable provider for the community.

    All of the above can happen if enough people voice their frustration with the present arrangement. If you want better cable/Internet service, contact your City Council representative and MidContinent (as the local MidContinent employees are not the cause of this problem, I suggest contacting MidContinent corporate headquarters – 800-888-1300.

    Michael O'Connor


    Keep Union County clean

    To the editor:

    I don't live in the designated area for the Hyperion project but very close to it. I would like to express my opinions about this situation, as I am very concerned about the good people living on the farms in the area.

    I know they love these farms and have a good right to. I understand these people, maybe because I am 85 years old. I am interested in agriculture and know they want to practice the very best for the community. Hyperion would disrupt all this and be a health hazard.

    My husband's great-grandfather, Thomas Olson Aunie, and his family came to this place in 1863. W.H. Fate, in his book Glimpses of Union County, mentions how they helped make Union County. I know of others in Spink and Brule townships that have the same history. Aunie and his two sons were original signers of the St. Paul congregation.

    The Steve Hortons helped to establish the Brule Creek Church. Both families are buried in these cemeteries. How is this going to affect our churches?

    I am also concerned for the future of this community. I hope there will be some of my family continuing to live on this farm. Let us keep Union County clean and respect the rights of our neighbors.

    Dorothy M. Horton

    Elk Point

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